Grid Trading Bot vs Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot. Discussion. Could we please discuss the pros and cons of running the grid trading bot vs the. Pionex closes your bot before rebalance. And my Arbitrage bot keeps ringing up the penny's. Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of May So I assumed that you have the basic background on how the spot-futures arbitrage bot works. In the new moderate mode, the arbitrage profit is. Arbitrage Bot unavailable Hi, the arbitrage bot is currently under maintenance, and currently, there isn't an ETA for when it will be. r/Pionex icon. Go to Pionex · r/Pionex 14 hr Im contemplating using the arbitrage bot and I The Arbitrage bot is currently under maintenance.

Grid Trading Bot. Leave market swings to our integrated auto-trading bots, which help you buy low sell high automatically 24/7 while you spend time doing the. Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot question. Questions. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. If you want to profit. I understand that in exchange arbitrage, there really isn't any risk - if a coin goes up or down, you still get the price difference; but for. bot Pionex Martingale bot Pionex rebalancing bot Pionex arbitrage bot Extras This video is for entertainment purposes. Skip to main content Explanation of detailed mechanics of grid bots: And a request for a new arbitrage bot: r/Pionex.  . Since the Spot-futures arbitrage bot is not available on Pionex-US, what other bot could I select to lower my volatility risk like the S-F. Arbitrage bot. Question. Is the bot still down? Or can you not use it on Spot Grid Trading Bot, Futures Grid Trading Bot, Infinity Grid Bot Reddit: All Pionex offers bots for a bullish, sideways. Pionex provides 16 trading bots like Grid Trading Bot which allows you to securely and automatically trade currencies like Bitcoin. they didn't say 50%, they said 5%%, you can still earn with an arbitrage bot in a bear market, but the APR is lower than in a bull market. I'm thinking 50/50 in arbitrage bot and AI settings grid both BTC. Curious to hear other's “beginners tactics”.

r/Pionex Current search is within r/Pionex Remove r/Pionex filter and expand search to all of Reddit. TRENDING TODAY. Search for "" in r/Pionex. So I tried my hand at this and opened an account at pionex and started my own Spot Futures Arbitrage bot. I chose BTC/USDT and immediately. I've been trading in all sorts of bots for months. Mostly copied influencer bots, but also a couple of my own bots crafted by ChatGPT. Here is a link explaining how the bot works: It also explains what the funding rate is and. Our latest spot-futures arbitrage bot got a great traction for those who prefer low-risk and steady income. Anyone here enjoy this bot? Any. Welcome to the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange with FREE Trading Bots! Pionex provides 16 trading bots like Grid Trading Bot which allows you to. Pionex-US customer service says the spot-futures arbitrage bot is not available for Pionex-US customers because "We couldn't provide products. Arbitrage bot questions. Hey there,. Doing the arbitrage bot. Couple questions: (1) Estimated arbitrage profit on 3x leverage is like 30% lower. Remove r/Pionex filter and expand search to all of Reddit arbitrage bots come in and readjust the price back to normal bot system as Pionex.

Pionex. Free Grid Trading Bot & Arbitrage Bot. Pionex en-US. Hummingbot. Hummingbot is open source software that helps you. Hi, the arbitrage bot trades base on the funding fee between the spot and the futures market. And the funding fee at bearish market tend to. K subscribers in the Pionex community. Pionex - the world's leading crypto exchange with 16 free built-in trading bots. Pionex - Crypto Trading Bots. Download Pionex Spot Grid Trading Bot, Futures Grid Trading Bot, Infinity Grid Bot Reddit: I have been using Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot and the APR is just crazy good. Considering the high gains with "low risk", why isn't Pionex.

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